DJ Crème De  La Crème  the “Jacob” wait for 14 years to propose.

The super disk jockey Crème De La Crème, has finally decided to make it official and make his intentions of wanting to spend the rest of his life, with his long-term lover and mother of his babies.

The DJ said,” It took 14 years long to ask my best friend, my confidant, Mother  to my kids , my forever person to marry me. I know I have stresses you out so many times but My heart and ALL I  got belongs to you , I wanna love you forever.”

The deck master confessed. The DJ and Jacob son of Isaac , have both similar traits. Both waited 14 years, to marry the loves of their lives.

What could have, made the DJ to wait this long before deciding to propose? I think people should take time , understand each other than rushing into marriage and their marriages end before they even start. We wish DJ Crème De  le Crème.

By: Mikey Mugutsu

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