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Diplomatic tension as Kenyan traders block their Ugandan counterparts from bringing their goods into the country in revenge mission

Tensions are high between Kenya and Uganda after traders from either country called for a block of importation on goods from the other.

Reports indicate that poultry traders were pushing for the suspension of poultry products imports from Uganda.

In a statement, Kiambu Poultry and Co-operative society Secretary, Zack Munyambu, noted that the country had enough production to last till the second half of 2021.

He further noted that the country had a surplus of 253 days in chicken inventory.

 “Covid-19 crisis has severely aggravated the situation with the closure of hotels, restaurants and other institutional buyers coupled with the restrictions in the movement of goods and people,” he stated.

The call comes just days after traders in Uganda are said to have pressured President Yoweri Museveni to ban beef and poultry importation from Kenya by Christmas day.

Munyambu defended the society’s move explaining that it was paramount to prevent an oversupply in the market.

To prove his point, the secretary noted that when Covid-19 hit the globe, some European countries banned the importation of poultry products to prevent oversupply.

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