Diana Marua Allegedly Lied About Her Youtube Page Being Hacked

Diana Marua claimed yesterday that her YouTube channel that has more than 600k followers had been hacked and stolen.

The news was also shared by her hubby Bahati who said that Diana’s handlers were working hard behind the scenes to get it back.

That the news comes a day before Diana was supposed to drop a new single caused some suspicion that something was afoot, by some.

And they wouldn’t be wrong, as the couple is known clout-chasers who would do anything to get publicity.

The fear that Diana and Bahati might be misleading the public was confirmed by some who have said the difference between a hacked and stolen channel and one that was closed.

One enterprising Kenyan who is familiar with how YouTube operates explained that the message one gets after searching for Diana’s ‘hacked’ page isn’t is consistent with what one normally gets.

“This madam is very smart. She deceives people that her channel has been hacked and yet she closed it so she can get people’s attention. There is a group we are sharing about premier gang so links are sent there to its group.

So if you press those links it will send you YouTube but it tells you the channel was closed not the channel doesn’t / no longer exists. When your channel is deleted, but you had kept the links with you, when you press the link, it should tell you this channel no longer exists or it was deleted by the owner.

I think it’s high time Diana should stop playing with people’s minds.”

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