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Depression in youths and teenagers.

Many teenagers and youths are actually experiencing depression and anxiety. Moreover, the pandemic that has caused upheaval all over the world has resulted in significantly more people experiencing mental health problems including depression and anxiety.

We are living in trying times and the fast pace of change has resulted in people struggling to cope.

In teens and youths their image outside the world really matters to them and what people think and say about them really matters to a point they forget to take care of themselves.

There is more stress today than in previous generations. In Africa our parents and elders are yet to believe depression is real, but I am happy that mental health is something that is being talked about publicly without fear.

There is sudden upstick in teens saying they are experiencing symptoms of depression feeling hopeless, not enjoying life, believing they cannot do anything right. Depressive symptoms continue to rise making todays teens significantly more depressed than teens just a few years before.

Only about 30% depressed teens are being treated for it.

Here are redflags warning signs of teen depression;

1. Sadness/hopelessness.

2. Sluggishness.

3. Low self-esteem and feeling valueless.

4. Substance abuse.

5. Spending more time alone.

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