DCI officers arrest women who stole a child in Nairobi.

Nelly Achieng Mislani is said to have conspired with her mother Grace Akinyi Misiani and brother Tony Rogers Ochieng to steal the child from her mother in Nairobi Majengo estate.

According to DCI, the suspect Nelly terminated her pregnancy four months ago and was lying to her husband that she was still expectant.

They waited when the mother of the child had gone to fetch water, then stole the child. The mother cried for help, residents attracted by the mom wails and cry for help to find her baby, the public cornered Nelly`s brother, rescuing the baby before offering a little discipline as they drive him to police station.

Earlier the trio family of baby thieves had attempted to steal a baby in Busia who was found at Tony`s house.

By: Mikey Mugutsu

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