DCI Comes Under Fire For Embracing Witchcraft In Arresting Criminals

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has been criticized by Kenyans for advocating for the use of witchcraft in handling crime matters. According to DCI, they were able to arrest three men suspected of stealing livestock after a witch doctor intervened. The suspects identified as Hillary Momanyi, 22, John Bukhazio, 28 and Winston Mutiele, 20, had allegedly stolen a goat and a calf. The witch doctor used bees to flash them out.

If you thought witch doctors were only used to cause harm in society, you better reconsider your thoughts as a witch doctor in Kakamega County, used his magical powers to track down livestock thieves and bring them  to book,” DCI said in their usual social media briefing. The incident occurred in Emusanda village whereby the suspect emerged carrying the stolen livestock on their shoulders. Their hands were filled with bees as they bleated and mooed like the animals that they had stolen.

In an incident that brought activities in Emusanda village to standstill, three men who had been attacked by a swarm of bees emerged, carrying on their shoulders the stolen goat and a calf, as they bleated and mooed onomatopoeically, like the animals,” DCI further said. The owner of the animals decided to visit the witch doctor after discovering that his animals were missing and after he performed his rituals, the three men emerged two days later.

The incident has left Kenyans wondering why DCI would Advocate for witchcraft in such cases as others considered the move a marketing strategy. “For the first time I beg to differ with you on this. What are you trying to tell us is that whenever there is robbery in our homes we should visit witch doctors and not police. Were the stolen animals stung by the bees?”

Kenya is finished. Consulting witch doctors to deploy bees. Will you be moving with that man whenever duty calls.

“Can you direct the doctor then to tell us who killed, JM Kariuki, Saitoti & Msando,” Kenyans said.  

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