Dancers Hired As Entertainers At Kajiado First Lady’s Event Left Stranded Without Bus Fare

A group of dancers from Kajiado county were forced to spend the night in a Police Station after organizers of an event where they entertained participants failed to co-ordinate their mode of transport home.

The 14 women and two men who had been hired to perform at an adult’s education forum on Wednesday, September 29 said Kajiado county’s First Lady Edna Lenku hired them but failed to provide their transport home leaving them stranded.

“The First Lady told us to hire a vehicle that would take us to the event and I did so informing the driver that the fare will be given to him once we get to the event,” one of the dancers said.

However, after the event was over, the First Lady informed the dancers that her Personal Assistant told her the vehicle used by them belonged to the county government adding that instead of giving them bus fare Lenku directed her staff to give them money for lunch.

The dancers added that efforts to reach the First Lady after their driver asked them for bus fare were futile prompting him to drive them to a police station in pursuit of a solution to their predicament.

“They told me that they will give me my money during our journey home only for them to inform me that they were denied busfare. That is when I drove to the police station seeking further advice,” the driver said.

Sources intimate that it was through the intercession of a former ward legislator and good samaritans that the 16 found bus fare back home.

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