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DADDY OWEN’s wife, WAMBUI, lied to him she was on a business trip to elope with her rich mpango wa kando.

More details of Daddy Owen’s flopped marriage that has grabbed showbiz headlines have emerged.

According to well-placed sources, Owen’s Kikuyu wife, Farida Wambui, lied to him that she had gone on a business trip, only to find out that she was eloping with her rich mpango wa kando identified as Njuguna, who is said to be a tycoon with vast investments.

A relative of Daddy Owen reportedly informed him that his wife was regularly spotted with the tycoon in Naivasha yet he thought that she was on a business trip.

The faded gospel singer is said to have tracked his wife in Naivasha and caught her red-handed with her wealthy ‘mpango wa kando’.

It has also emerged that the Kiriro hitmaker has been going through depression for 3 years because of his troubled marriage.

Trouble started after his fortunes in music dwindled, leaving him broke.

His wife is said to be paying all the bills and feeding their family after things went south.

Reports indicate that the singer is fearing for his life after the tycoon, who eloped with his wife, started sending him death threats.

Farida and Daddy Owen walked down the aisle in 2016 in a colourful wedding.

Farida is reportedly engaged to the tycoon and it’s just a matter of time before they settle down.

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