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Covid 19 Is Revolutionizing Education in Institutions Of Higher Learning

The covid 19 is changing operations in universities all over the world, and the effects are being felt. From online financial transactions, to classes to elections, the pandemic is feeding actors in the education sector a new script. This narrative will stay with universities as long as the pandemic is there.

Here are some of the most trends that have been witnessed for some time now. 

Online moot court competitions

Normally, it is common for law students to hold mock court sessions where they practise law. They present cases, defend and counter each other. However, with the pandemic, it has been hard for law students to participate in such activities. Consequently, they have turned to online platforms to carry out moot court competitions and related activities.

On March 21, 2020 I was privileged to attend the CPR international mediation competition finals. The event was streamed on Zoom and Youtube. Africa Nazarene University, represented by Faith Chelangat, was among the universities participating. The reggae will never be stopped!

Online Elections

This is another aspect of campus life. Campus politics is an activity that is taken seriously in any university. To follow measures to reduce the spread, most universities have adopted online voting systems. 

On April 1, 2021 African Nazarene University conducted their election exclusively online. Additionally, a source from Riara University has revealed that the school is planning to conduct it’s election online, using the electoral college system.

Investment in online learning

There is a high probability that two years ago online learning was just a word some universities heard of. Today, it is almost the official way of learning. This is because there is a need to prevent the pandemic from affecting the academic calendar.

Several universities are using their own online learning platforms, google classrooms, Google Meet, Big blue button and many more. Course instructors have learned to create interactive modules to aid students in learning.

This is how the pandemic has shaped education in universities. It is hopeful that these advancements will turn universities into a place of great inventions and innovations.

By: Brian Khavalaji

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