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Conspiracy against foreign investors?

The big affair with Sportpesa was not enough, it is obvious that other foreign companies will not be spared either. A scandalous attempt is underway to connect a successful and recognized company with illegal activities.

Foreign companies that contribute to the budget of Kenya with hundreds of millions of shillings are again the target of local powerful people who are trying to take over the market with lies. The big affair with Sportpesa was not enough, a scandalous attempt is underway to connect a successful and recognized foreign company with illegal activities.

It couldn’t be more obvious that this is a set-up, because we know what’s the easiest way to discredit someone and reduce their influence on the market – placing lies through a filthy media campaign (gotta love githeri media), in which the competition is accused of alleged illegal actions. The court annulled many decisions against Sportpesa, but the conspiracy against them continues.

It is also clear that other foreign investors who provide the stability of the economy with their business will not be spared. There are too many similarities, again, not to think that there is a domestic lobby group that is trying to eliminate competition and take over the business in an unfair way by creating unprofessional fake scandals.

This creates a hostile environment for all foreign investors. How will other foreign investors react to this kind of news? Will Kenya be left out of future foreign investment due to personal interests in the moment when the state budget is empty?

Why are companies that provide 55,000 jobs being forced out of the market, and annually pay more than 60 million dollars into state and local government budgets in the name of fiscal and parafiscal charges.
Companies from this industry are big donors of Kenyan sports and generally have a great positive impact on the community, and they especially stood out with donations during the coronavirus pandemic.
What is behind all this? We will see in the coming day.

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