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Condemn The Notion That Dropouts Are More Successful Than Graduates

Kevin Ombima, famously known as King Kaka dropped a bomb on Twitter a few days ago. According to him, “Dropouts are more Successful than graduates.Hard Truth.” He also posted another tweet that said, “8 out [of] 10 graduates are jobless, na kama wako na kazi it’s not what they studied.8-fo fo for indeed.”

Now, I do not disagree with King Kaka. I am aware that there are so many jobless people out there. Some of them being fresh graduates. But King Kaka’s sentiments force us to embrace laziness.

When talking about dropping out of school and success, it is good to bring on the table the conversation about resources and which level of studies are you dropping out from. Furthermore, top it with what age do these successful people really become successful. If for example we rotate around Billionaires Warren Buffet became one at 56 years old, George Lucas (52), Larry Ellison (49), Oprah Winfrey (49), Elon Musk (41) Mark Zuckerberg (23) and many more. 

Using that, you’ll realize that these people had different times when they achieved their billionaire status. And so, to make a university or any school going person feel like what he/she is doing is useless, is a laughing matter. If one was to drop out, without the resources to do business or where to hustle, where are they going? What are they going to achieve?

King himself has been writing business related articles. He has taught about it. How then is he preaching what he is not practising? His gospel is true. And yes, some dropouts are successful. But that doesn’t suppress the fact that education is an important tool in one’s life.

In his tweet, Kaka claimed that many youths who are at work, do not really do what they studied at school. And this is because, in our society, a graduate is either skilled or not. When there is no job, he has to subscribe to ‘kazi ni kazi’ and hustle like never before. Question to King, can’t this person succeed in life?

Many campus students will feel like King Kaka is right. Maybe he is. But education is important. Go to school. You might not get a job. But learn anyway.

By: Brian Khavalaji

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