Comedian Akuku Danger speaks up about being Homeless.

Celebrated Churchill comedian Akuku Danger was evicted from his house in Rongai on 1st April. However, people thought it was a prank and that he was trying to fool Kenyans on fool`s day.

This was true, he was evicted from his bedsitter in Rongai due to rent arrears. Akuku Danger has disclosed to people that he didn’t believe even his fellow colleagues thought that he was joking since he is a comedian. 

The comedian said the rent arrears have accumulated since he has not been able to get gigs to enable him pay his rent since covid 19 pandemic started. Akuku Danger is currently hosted at his friends’ home and pleading with anyone who could help with a job, he has studied communications and public relations.

By; Mikey Mugutsu 

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