Comedian Akuku Danger dismisses claims that he was Evicted from His Home.

A video went viral showing Celebrated Comedian Akuku Danger being evicted from his house in Rongai, this is after failing to pay his rent since January. Akuku has come out clean to address the rumours of being evicted from his house.

Akuku has dismissed the video happenings stating that it was a prank and also he wanted to reach out to the president to show how Kenyans are suffering due to the new lockdown and curfew that he has imposed.

The comedian said it was a way for him to join his fellow Kenyans in urging the president to unlock the country for Kenyans to go back to source for their live hood.

The comedian revealed that many well-wishers had reached to him seeking to help him, but he is okay. He will take the help and pass it to other vulnerable Kenyans who really needs it.

By: Mikey Mugutsu 

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