Cleophas Malala acknowledges that State helped ANC win Matungu By Election.

ODM party filed a petition to challenge the win of Peter Nabulindo as member of Parliament of Matungu since the By Election was filled with election malpractices.

ODM further stated that State machinery had a hand to influence ANC candidate to win the highly contested seat. Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala who is a member of ANC and was actively involved in the mini poll campaigning for Peter has confirmed that the state influenced Peter`s win in the by election and admitted that it was the right time for the government to support them.

Also a UDA candidate from Kabuchai By Election, Evans Kakai has complained of state having hand in his defeat. H said that the government helped Ford Kenya candidate Majimbo to win the seat. However.  He has said he would not file a petition to challenge the win but he will come back stronger in the general election 2022.

By; Mikey Mugutsu

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