City Lawyer Musyoka distances himself from the leaked video showing how he is good at Breastfeeding.

Nairobi Lawyer Musyoka has been trending, this is after a video of him and young lady in a comprising situation went viral. From the video the lawyer was at a birthday party   and he was really showing how he stills got the skills of breastfeeding.

The lawyer has distanced himself from the girl in the video stating that she is not her girlfriend and it was only their first-time meeting. He said it was just a game he was playing True or Dare and nothing more.

He maintains that the video was leaked on social media by one of the eight guest who had attended the birthday party. The lawyer is in remorse saying that he regrets the incident since it has placed his career at risk, the career he has build since 2013 when he started practicing law.

By; Mikey Mugutsu 

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