Chipukeezy and Karen Nyamu defends Eric Omondi.

Chipukeezy is a real brother and he come out to defend his friend Eric after his arrest yesterday for producing and distributing unauthorized content. Chipukeezy through his post said “ART, FREEDOOM CREATIVITY WILL CHANGE SOCIETY FASTER THAN POLITICS. VICTOR PINCHUK@ERIC OMONDI MBELE JKUZURI.

This was not welcomed well by his fans, others questioning his morality. Other wondered how comes a NACADA ambassador supports immorality in the society, wondered how he got the position.

Other netizen said he should be a true brother and could advise to be creative in other avenues. However, Karen Nyamu joined Chipukeezy in defending him and slamming his arrest. Nyamu said Prosecution killing creativity.

By: Mikey Mugutsu 

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