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The notion of having Kikuyus ruling this country popularly referred to as ‘uthamaki’ has been challenged and rattled after President Uhuru’s impassioned speech in the late Mama Hannah’s burial.

Uhuru’s speech confirmed the fears of Mount Kenya leaders of losing the grip on the presidency. It’s official that the 2022 elections would be between Ruto and Raila and the region is yet to produce a successor to Uhuru.

DP William Ruto has infiltrated the handshake camps and this has angered Central Kenya leaders making them to enter into panic mode and start pressurising the President to immediately name a successor from the Mount Kenya region. They are worried that next election could bring an end to the ‘uthamaki’ rule and they would no longer have the privileges they got.

On Tuesday, the papers reported of a plan by Mount Kenya leaders to drum up support for the BBI after Senator Kangata’s controversial letter to the president which claimed that it was not popular in the region. One reason could be the man spearheading it – Raila who is a not a favourite in the area. DP William Ruto on the other hand is not taking chances and has started to strategically campaign in the area.

Senator Irungu’s move is a clear reflection of the political divide that is taking shape in the region – perhaps a ‘hustler’ move. It was this that angered Uhuru who thinks that he cannot afford to have the slightest opposition in his backyard when it comes to pushing around his agendas.

President Uhuru’s talk of National Unity and power sharing is a big fallacy because it is all about two or three ethnic tribes and does not incorporate others. North Eastern, Northern and the Coastal regions remain extremely underdeveloped and marginalized even though they profoundly voted for the Jubilee Party twice. And the BBI is also set to favour Central Kenya even though those pushing for it claim that it is for all.

With more than one year to the elections, the lies and the dirty games have started and central Kenya would host the first few games of the campaign season. Will ‘uthamaki’ reign or would it be in the side-lines for the first time?

Faysal Hussein
Nairobi-based journalist and writer covering domestic and regional politics, players and policies. Focusing on the bigger picture in a modern contemporary world.

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