Celebs are pushing Uhuru to the walls to open the country.

Social media has been buzzing with netizens complaining of the new lockdown the president imposed recently during his 15th covid 19 presidential address.

The president increased curfew hours and cessation of movement within the five counties. Also, bars, clubs and restaurants are not in operation in the five counties, it is clear that most people are suffering.

Celebs like Betty Kyallo, Khaligraph jones, KRG The Don, Sen Ole Kina Ledema and others have joined Kenyans in complaining and asking the president to reopen the country.

Khaligraph said,” Tell the President to Unlock the goddamn country and remove the curfew people are really suffering, this is unacceptable.” KRG the Don said closing down the country is not the solution but is creating more problems and a great burden to Kenyans.

The musician said that the level of corruption in the country has increased a lot since the curfew and roadblocks were just for collecting money from citizens.

Share your opinion with us about the new lockdown.

By: Mikey Mugutsu 

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