Can the Church and the Politician Coexist?

When Kenyans hear of church bells, it is a reminder of a church service that will be crowned with a politician or two taking control of the pulpit. The rate at which this trend is growing is alarming. Due to a restriction on large political gatherings across the country, due to the corona virus pandemic, the politicians are changing tactics on how to reach their faithful followers and gain more.

According to Reverend Timothy Njoya, retired cleric PCEA church, there is no doctor or politician in the church. But is that the case? It is also known over the years among the Christinians  that the offering is not be known by anyone except the giver and their God. But thats also on the spotlight as most politicians are giving openly and loudly.

The clergy has straightened this issue by saying that the politicians are free to give to the church and help in church development projects just like any other christian. The clergy has defended the  politicians and asked those attacking them to stop and let them accomplish God’s work.

By Moraa Beatrice

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