Caleb Kositany axed from Jubilee Party.

The lawmaker of Soy Caleb Kositany, has been removed his position as deputy secretary general of Jubilee Party. He was replaced by Joshua Kutuny, Kieleweke allied.

Murathe had said that the Soy lawmaker, would be removed from his position, because he was not loyal to Jubilee anymore. Jubilee vice chairman, accused Caleb to decamping to United Democratic Alliance [UDA], and campaigning for their aspirants in the by election.

Instead of campaigning for Jubilee candidates. The secretary general of Jubilee Raphael Tuju said the decision was made after a National Management Committee.

The Soy lawmaker, speaking after being axed, wondered why he hadn’t been removed from the seat. Since he has never paid a dime and neither attended a meeting in his capacity as the deputy SG. He added that now , he will focus on UDA and serving people of SOY.

By: Mikey Mugutsu

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