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Blended Learning; the Good and the Bad

In 2021, tulikubali this is our year. We said we will sow and reap. Just like that. No rumors. No sugarcoating. And because education is the key, tuko safari. We shall unlock!

And so to save many campoz the headache of teaching, there has been the implementation of blended learning. Watu lazima wasome. Bundles are expensive and we do not have a source of income for that.

Blended learning involves going to school for a period, say one week, then go ‘online’ for another week. This minimizes the number of students chuo, while making it possible for unis to facilitate teaching.

At Riara University, the first two weeks, some students studied face-to-face while others were at the comfort of their homes, attending lectures via Google meet, the big blue button or their own system, called canvas or online campus (OC).

When the two weeks were over, the other lot wakajileta chuo mbio ajabu, while the first lot went home to study online. Tunaezasema confidently, it is working vizuuuuri tu.

Generally, hii move inahlep sana in prevention of the spread of corona virus. This is especially because our institutions of higher learning have inadequate resources. Ni wise to use the little there is, kiujanja, to go ahead with learning.

Another good side of this thingy ni ati, those students who are disadvantaged by online learning, get some burden offloaded on their shoulders. Bundles ni pesa! And pesa onge.

Those morioz who were commuting to school can save a little of the cash they use kwa fare. How sweet? The safaris to and fro zimepunguka. Mguyz unaezatumia io mukuchu to do something else. Something constructive.

But it does come with an ugly side. Acha nisiwachoche.

Brenda Kendi, an International Relations student at Technical university of Kenya (TUK) says that blended learning is so inconveniencing. “The timetable is hardly followed.” She adds, “Keeping up is becoming a challenge.”

Furthermore, I discovered while it is executable, majamaa hujoin class na kuendelea na mashughuli mahali (during online classes). It is so sad because the lec will be teaching, so passionately at times, only for him/her to realize mamjamaa walidoz ama hawamsikii.

Finaree, fees ni ile ile. No adjustments. But there must be a reason above us.How is your campoo surviving and thriving this year?


By: Brian Khavalaji

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