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Bishop Oginde must apologize to Kalenjin community

2022 politics seem to have gotten an interesting turn earlier in the week after the BBI launch. At the event, various speakers stood and each had in hand a verbal weapon projected at whoever. From youth leaders, women and PLWDs, they spoke one after the other from their heart seemingly projecting their arsenals to the tangatanga wing of the political divide.

When the clergy stood up to speak led by Citam Bishop Oginde, he alluded to an alliance between Prime Minister Raila Odinga and the Deputy president William Ruto. This seem not to have gone down well with a section of Rift Valley legislators.

It is said that last evening, a group of MPs led by a legislator from Uasin Gishu got irked by Bishop Oginde’s remarks as a scheme to wrestle Kikuyus away from the Deputy President. ‘Ujue wakikuyu wanachukia Uhuru sio kwa sababu ajawafanyia kazi, hapana! In fact ile maendeleo inaendelea central is worth billions at the expense of other regions. Hiyo tutaangalia baadaye. Wanamchukia kwa sababu ako na Raila. Simple! Ile siku watashuku tu ati Raila na Ruto wanawesa kutana, basi kwisha!’ He said.

They demanded that the Bishop should apologize to the community for putting their cards at high risk of losing the kikuyu votes since about half of them don’t like Raila.

Deputy president has been banking on the region’s support for his 2022 bid and all his cards are played closer to his chest.

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