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Assume that Ruto is the President post BBI!

At a tea gossip, I met these old campus buddies of mine from mlima Kenya and BBI got centre stage. I sought to find out why they, TT, don’t like the report apart from the fact that they dislike Tinga. Their response made me rethink and kinda agree with them.

‘Comrade Oyola, if you keenly look at this report and the powers given to the president, have you ever taken some minute to IMAGINE that Ruto is the president with those powers? Just imagine that Ruto enjoys these powers na vile we know how ako na biff na watu yetu, professionals hata the way he does appointments!’. Now, that one scared me stiff coz I was staring at either exile, prison or grave and the total collapse of the state.

In constitution or law making process, it is always important to imagine your worst enemy being the one in control of it’s implementation. I’m obviously not in full support of those excess powers given to the president and such a weak and vulnerable Premier. I am for a ONE-Term president of 7yrs.

Also, a hand or not into the Judiciary is debatable. A Judiciary without a higher power check may also turn to be a TYRANT institution hampering state functions.

We honestly have to come up with a formula that will ensure that there is no more tribal hot cards and violence every 5yrs. That reminded me of a statement another buddy from Kericho, an engineer said; ‘Mimi I don’t care who becomes president in 2022. One thing I’m happy is that this time, it will go to Western part of the country either way and luckily, DP this time amefinya watu fulani makende tena kwao‘. End of quote.

That statement begs the question; With our tribal loving in public service, if Mr. Kipchirchir becomes president, who will be the first victim of presidential power execution?

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