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Angry Kenyans Confront ‘Wealthy’ Chinese Woman Begging For Money In Nairobi Streets

A Chinese National has left Kenyans startled after she camped in the streets of Nairobi begging so as to raise money for her trip back home. According to a video that was shared on social media, the unidentified Chinese woman was sitting on the floor beside Ring Road, Kilimani just a few meters from Yaya Center with a basket where well-wishers could drop their contributions and banner with her M-Pesa number where further contributions could be channeled to.

The woman is said to have gone bankrupt hence the need to seek help from well-wishers to enable her acquire air ticket back to her country. Several people gathered around her questioning why she was embarrassing the Chinese people yet there is a Chinese embassy in the country. They accosted another Chinese woman who was at the scene asking her to help her sister. “I know that is her job, I can help her but if she would like to have a job I can introduce her,” the woman said.

To make the matters worse, the begging Chinese woman had two expensive phones with her thus raising questions whether she genuinely needed help. “No money and you have two phones, you want to go back home. This phone is very expensive, can you sell that phone to me I give you money,” one of the people present said.

A number of netizens however sympathized with her wondering why she was being harassed like that. “But you’re too harsh on her. Why can’t you all enquire and get to the bottom of the problem? How does having two phones relate to her current situation? You may have a million one day and wake up poor the next day. Be compassionate!” Marsh Korme said.

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