Amber Ray is a husband snatcher, Jamal Rohosafis’ first wife says.

Recently socialite Amber Ray swallowed her words and got married as a second wife to a successful businessman Jamal Rohosafi. The socialite had earlier vowed never to get married again as a second wife after nasty break up with her baby daddy, but Jamal changed her mind.

Now Jamal`s first wife Amira claims that the socialite stole her husband, Amira revealed that Amber Ray and her knew each other before the situation ship occurred. She said that Amber Ray was her neighbor and used to sell baby clothes, so Amber Ray called her to have a check on the clothes that she was selling and that was how their friendship begun. 

Amira said that as a good neighbor she welcomed the socialite to her house, but the socialite was like scavenger thrusting for her husband. She took advantage of her hospitality to steal her husband. Well things changed now Amber Ray is now more than her neighbor but her co wife and Amira has to live with that.

By: Mikey Mugutsu

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