“After I Saw My Wife Coming Out Of Lodging With That Huge Man, I Feared And Went Back Home”, Paul

A man named Paul has narrated his story and the reason why his wife, mother of four children, left him and abandoned her children, married another man, he caught them in a hotel enjoying themselves with. Paul married his wife and they had four children before he lost his job. Things were difficult for them as they were both jobless.

Paul’s wife later got a job and started contributing while he took care of the children. Paul gave his wife freedom to do whatever she liked. She goes to work in the morning and comes back home late, and Paul never once questioned her. One day, she left for work and didn’t come back. Paul called her number but she didn’t pick up.

In the morning, Paul went to her work place. He was told his wife went home after work closed by 4.00 pm. Paul became restless and went to a hotel to ask his friend who works there as security if his wife had lodged in their hotel.

His friend directed him to the reception room. He inquired and showed them her picture, but they told him it’s against their policy. Paul was about to leave when his wife and a huge man holding hands came out to check out.

His wife saw him and started hiding her face in shame. Out of fear, Paul ran back home after seeing the huge man, his wife’s boyfriend, he feared he would beat him to stupor.

Paul called her several times, but she didn’t pick up and never came back home. That was how he lost his wife to a huge man whom he feared would beat him if he had confronted him. Paul said his wife later abandoned him and their children. She never once visited them or came to pick up her things or take his calls.

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