Aden Duale Faces Security As Man Pulls His Pants Off During Campaign

Garissa Township MP Aden Duale on Monday, June 5, faced a kind of security breach after a man walked from the crowd to the car he was atop during a political rally. This was after Duale had hosted Deputy President William Ruto and other Kenya Kwanza proponents in Garissa for the county’s Bottom-Up Economic Forum.

They later interacted with residents of Mbalambala and Modogashe before proceeding to Habaswein in Wajir County. It is in Modogashe where Duale encountered the said man as he (Duale) drummed support for the Deputy President’s presidential bid. As seen in a clip doing rounds on social media, the man grabbed Duale’s pants, sending the lawmaker into panic and forcing him to halt his speech. Duale would later claim that the man wanted to greet him, dismissing the claims that it was a confrontation. “He wants to greet me. But he should know greetings can be done without being violent,” said Duale.

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