Activist Edwin Kiama is not apologizing to President Uhuru.

Activist Edwin Kiama who was arrested on Tuesday evening April 6 has maintained his stand and stated that he has no apology to make to the president over the viral graphics he allegedly made ridiculing the president and his government over its high borrowing of loans considering the high debt the country is already in.

Kiama speaking to journalist said that he has no apologies for being a Kenyan and addressing problems affecting Kenyans. Kiama further stated that police were detaining him illegally saying that he is protected by the constitution since they haven’t told him of the crime he has committed and they are only trying to fish out something to accuse him off.

His fellow activist Boniface Mwangi revealed that Kiama is being accused by the police for making public notice urging the IMF and world bank to stop lending money to Kenya.

The activist is being represent by lawyer Harun Ndubi and Narc Kenya party leader Martha Karua. Kenyans have taken on social media starting a campaign demanding the release of the activist.

By: Mikey Mugutsu

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