A reprieve for Waititu as court bars credit firm from auctioning his cars.

Former Kiambu county boss Ferdinand Waititu has been saved by the court, this is after Kiambu Law court stopped   a credit finance company from auctioning his two cars. Waititu moved to court seeking to bar the Wananchi Credit Finance Limited Company from auctioning his two sleek cars over Ksh 10 million he took from the firm in January 2020 and had failed to repay. 

In his petition, the former governor told the court that he was in bad shape financially owing to the fact that he is currently jobless after he was impeached as the Governor of Kiambu.

He added that the situation has been worsen by Covid 19 pandemic making it hard for him to repay the loan. Waititu told the court that his two vehicles were the only means he was using to make ends meet in his transport business, thus the credit firm selling them would worsen his situation.

He further requested to be allowed to repay the loan in installments.

By: Mikey Mugutsu

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