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A guide to dressing up appropriately and stylishly for a formal event.

If you have never been to a formal function before, it is natural to know what to wear to it. What you need to remember is to respect the fact that it is a formal event and dress to show that respect.

Tips for girls.

1. If you do not want to wear a full suit, that is OK but buy a good quality blazer that fits you well. You can wear it over a simple dress and look instantly more professional.

2. A miniskirt may be fine when you are going out with friends, but do not wear one to a formal event. Your hemline should be 5cm above your knee, because your skirt hikes up when you sit.

3. A very loose outfit is not flattering and can look a little lazy, but a very tight dress or ensemble is also not acceptable. Wear clothes that fit well.

4. Wear little to no jewelry. A simple necklace or earring is fine.

5. If you can walk in 10cm platform heels, great but they are not advisable for a formal setting. Stick to flats, a kitten heel, or heels that are not more than 5cm high.

6. Wear little make up. A little mascara or thin eyeliner across your eyelid. Accompanied with clear lip gloss.

Tips for boys.

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1. If you are wearing a suit, make sure it fits you well.

A suit that is too big on you looks sloppy and one that looks too tight will make you uncomfortable and people will notice that, you’ll star fighting with your instinct.

2. Wear a neat white buttoned shirt, and make sure it is ironed.

3. Wear trousers that fit you. If the hem sits 1- 2cm above the ground while you are standing still that’s perfect.

4. Do not wear white socks. Wear black, Grey or navy socks instead. You can as well do the nowadays happy ones.

5. Invest in one pair of nice, black dress shoes and make sure they are well polished.

Watu wavae poa sio just to cover your ‘birthday suit” nakedness. Vaa smart, dress for the occasion.

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