A fan roasts Karen Nyamu for her video.

The streets of social media are cold with no chills. Karen Nyamu who has been exciting social media users with her latest video. The vocal advocate and politician shared a video of herself enjoying herself shaking what her mama gave her.

She was shaking her bum bum in a tight blue jeans in a pub. The politician was really showing why Samidoh was almost leaving his wife.

However, fans didn’t see what she was trying to show and decided to troll. Others said her poor dancing skills she has was the reason Mugithi Star Samidoh decided to leave her.

Fans were wondering if she has two left feet since she was not moving anything and others said “Kiuno Kigumu kama chuma ya reli.”

When it comes to social media streets fans got no chills huruma remains to be an estate.

By: Mikey Mugutsu 

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