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7 things to master before you turn 40.

No one really feels like a grown up, but if you are approaching 40 well you are one. And it’s high time you refined some crucial life skills, from staying healthy to saving money. So here are 7 skills you should master before you enter your 40s.

1. Saving for retirement.

It is never too early to begin saving for retirement. It is reported that by the time you are 40 you should have saved about three times your annual salary. Investing your money is an easy way top grow your savings exponentially.

2. Investing in relationships.

Regrets that most people have from their 30s are not spending enough time with their family. When people are young they are either travelling or choosing to work or personal time over spending time with their loved ones. You should invest on important relationships to you when it is not too late.

3. Establishing a regular sleep schedule.

Sleep does wonders to your body and mental health. It is very important to get your body on a more consistent sleep schedule. Oversleeping can make it much more difficult to reset your body’s clock causing more exhaustion to come later in the day. You should also avoid hitting snooze on your alarm.

4. Saying NO to people.

We routinely overestimate the power of saying “no” The best way to muster up confidence to turn down a request is to recognize that sometimes there are some things you can never have back.  There is nothing wrong with saying “no” sometimes it is better that way.

5. Negotiating.

Debating about your salary with your boss is nerve cracking scenario that does not come easy. But doing the right amount of preparation, research and practice can make a big difference. Do not settle for less for example if you are aiming for a sh. 60000 salary you would suggest a sh. 60000 to sh. 65000 salaries.

6. Finding and sticking to an exercise routine you enjoy.

It takes lots of trial and error to find the one that is right for you; it is a lot more like dating. Once your 30s kick in you begin to loose muscle mass, so exercise becomes extra important.

7. Keeping a clutter free home.

Clearing things in your house to create more space can help you de stress your mind.

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