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Ruto at his Political Death Bed

For those who’ve known comrade Ruto to an extent will agree with me that; he always speak about things he FEARS in life.

He will never speak about things he can surmount but those that are his worst of fears. The worst case scenario perspective.

Did you know that more often in these public expression of fears, if you happen to do what he says you’ll find him flatfooted?

His strategy is simple;

He imagines of the WORST thing you can do to him; goes ahead to preempt it by ACCUSING you with it indirectly so that you’re always DEFENDING yourself and justifying stuff as he plays VICTIM and rallies his supporters against you. You become GUILTY in the court of public opinion for DETERRENCE purposes. A reverse psychology stuff. It’s that simple.

Among the best and quickest ways of finishing such politicians who openly use things they fear to show how strong they are is walking with them the rails they’re mounting.

If he says you should be giving cars instead of wheelbarrows, do it, give even 3 cars. His wheelbarrow campaign will end the same day. If he wants you to give churches money, give even 10 only and wait to see his church strategy dying the following week.

If he says give Dr. Oburu this IEBC chair, do it. You won’t see him use it to chest thump again.

If he calls himself Hustler, call yourself hustler too and do it much better. The narrative will lose value quickly.

He speaks of things he actually wants not to happen to deter you from doing them coz if you do them he’s finished.

He has been applying this strategy by accepting EVERYTHING he’s being accused of except stealing and it has worked.

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