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10 types of underwear every woman should have.

Every piece of your clothing shows your personality and sense of style. There are different types of underwear for every occasion and mood.

In this article I have broken down essential underwear that every woman should own.

1. Seamless briefs.

Type of underwear that gives a close fit, eliminating bulky seams and edges that cause visible panty line. Ideal for wearing under tightly fitted pants, skirts and dresses.

2. Bikini briefs.

They have a classic fit, the high cut in the sides adds inches to your leg and lower rise completes the flattering look.

3. Seamless.

Type of undergarment that is crafted without visible seams. They can be worn with any outfit.

4. High waisted boy briefs.

This full coverage underwear is retro borrowed from boys style you have been looking for. The lustrous high waistband comfortably holds you.

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5. High waist.

High cut types of underwear have the same high waist as classic briefs but feature high cut leg holes that rise above the widest part of the thigh.

6. Tap shorts.

Are women’s garment resembling shorts only with slits that run up the leg instead of solid legs.

7. Classic thongs.

Underwear that sits on the hip and offers a no visible panty lines, it is perfect go to for sneaky drips and period spotting.

8. Seamless thongs.

Type of thong with no visible panty line.

9. High waisted thong.

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Type of thong underwear that gives a high rise silhouette.

10. Adhesive thongs.

Type of undergarment that you just stick in place with adhesive strips. They are reusable at least 20 times.

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